The “Game” Lists

Here are my lists for my house. If you need the “fancy” different sided dice, you can usually find them in any game store that sells more than video games, or order them here if you don’t have that sort of store in your town. I LOVE dice…may have to order some special “housecleaning” dice just for the heck of it… BUT, if you don’t have dice, or access to them, and don’t really want to buy any, you can always get someone to give you a number, or pull one out of a hat — don’t let the DICE be your strangle-point on  getting the job done! 😉

These charts can be adapted to fit any dwelling, from mansion to dollhouse, though you might have to tweak them a little to personalize:

AREA (4 sided die):

  • Upstairs (1)
  • Downstairs (2)
  • Outside (3)
  • Garage/Pantry (4)

Upstairs (8 sided die):

  • Computer Room (1)
  • Bedroom (2)
  • Master Bath (3)
  • “Junk Room” (4)
  • Study (5)
  • Studio (6)
  • Guest Bath (7)
  • “Hall” Area (8)

Downstairs (6 sided die):

  • Kitchen (1)
  • Dining Room (2)
  • Hallway/Stairs (3)
  • Bathroom (4)
  • Library (5)
  • Living Room (6)

Outside (4 sided die — because there are no two-sided dice…suppose a coin would do):

  • Front (odds)
  • Back (evens)

Garage/Pantry (see Outside…maybe I’ll merge those two so a 4 sided would be right):

  • Garage (odds)
  • Pantry (evens)

Duration (6 sided die):

  • 15 minutes (1)
  • 30 minutes (2)
  • 45 minutes (3)
  • 1 hour (4)
  • 1 hour 15 minutes (5)
  • 1 hour 30 minutes (6)

I used to go up to 2 hours, and use an 8 sided die, but I realized that 1 hour 30 minutes on one area is when I really start to flag. Better to do more chores if necessary than make myself give up because it is running too long at a stretch.

2 Responses to The “Game” Lists

  1. Tamian says:

    I personally think that 1 hour 30 min is too long for my brain to stay engaged on any one chore, so my #6 is a wild card – Roll AGAIN! Woohoo!

    Not that you asked, but here’s how I adapted your game:

    Duration: Same as you except #6 is WILD
    1) Living Room
    2) Dining Room
    3) Master Bath/Guest Bath (whichever needs it worse)
    4) Bedroom
    5) Kitchen
    6) Office
    But trust me, I will not be posting pictures anywhere!
    Better get to work. 1.25 in the office (the room that needs it the worst!)
    My office thanks you!

    • The Wild Card is a good idea. I’ve been toying with something like that. An hour and a half is a long time, but in some cases, it works for me. 🙂 What is it about the Offices? They are the biggest problem children. 😉

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