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Twelve Steps Forward, Two Steps back

Yikes, right? And we were doing so good… Remember when the desk looked like this: And that wasn’t even its best… Well, it looks worse than it is. I know I have to spend a lot of time to get … Continue reading

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RIEVIEW: Clutter’s Last Stand by Don Aslett

Today I want to tell you about the first book to ever get me excited about house-cleaning. (Not that it particularly took, but it got me motivated…) Don Aslett’s Clutter’s Last Stand came along long before Marie Kondo put pen … Continue reading

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Some days are like this…

You just don’t feel up to large cleaning projects…or much of anything else. So…it is a good thing that I did a couple of extra projects last week that I can talk about today. 😉 As a continuation of the … Continue reading

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Facing the Fridge…

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to eat healthier and smarter. I was reading in this magazine: (Because I always read the Clutter Advice, even if I don’t always take it…) And I found this guide: I’d never seen this information … Continue reading

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Leftover Orange Flavored Beef for breakfast…yum! About to go and entrench myself in the Junk Room with my new shelves and the audio book of The Stand and sort my brains out. 🙂 I really think having the concrete visualization … Continue reading

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