I’m going to put all the pages I link in posts here in one place to make them easier to find as time goes by. Nothing more irritating than wanting to look at something again and not remembering which post you saw it in, is there?


Rose Hips —


The Ultimatest Grocery List collection —

Organizational ideas —


Toilet stain removal —


Formula 409 Cleaner —

Pumice Stone — Pumie HD Scouring Stick

Cleaner’s “Helpers”: (it’s easier to clean with a book or music going) — (we all need a break now and then) —

4 Responses to Resources

  1. Tamian says:

    Ooo, for a toilet (or bath) stain a friend of mine recommended a product that Home Depot carries called Zep Stain Remover. It got rid of a stain in my bath that even pumice wouldn’t get rid of. (because it was a stain – from a long duration of dripping, – and not a buildup)

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