We Are Trying Again

I should be currently writing my NaNoWriMo words for today, but since it is the day I am supposed to post on this blog, and since I actually HAVE been ramping back up on the cleaning, I am posting here instead.

I couldn’t have gotten the motivation to start again without the help of a friend. She really got me moving in the right direction. I’ll share a couple of pictures from Monday’s session. At the beginning of the day…well, part way through:


And this was after we started…that clear space on the corner…wasn’t there when we began.

But when we stopped for the day, we had this:


Not done, but a long way forward.

I did a bit more this morning, and bought cleaning supplies to do more. We have another session scheduled for Friday, and I will be sure to take more pictures. We will keep going, and hopefully this time it will stick.

Thanks, Teresa!

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Better than Nothing

I’ve been neglecting this blog shamefully, I know. But today I am getting back to things a little. A very little.

It was better than nothing.

Today, I was really busy working on a project that needed to be finished ASAP. So, my cleaning was relegated to the DVR.

Some of the shows we record are for both of us, but others are just mine. Today, I tried to clear off all the ones that were mine.

This is what I started the day with:


The Castles were all reruns we have seen, so that was an easy clear. The Bates Motel stuff was only a recap of the series to date and a preview of the next episode, so those were quick. I had started Grimm on Friday, so I got rid of that fairly easily. Then, I watched Once Upon a Time.

I could have finished all the things that were mine — Damien, and Better Call Saul — but instead, I turned off the TV to concentrate on finishing the project. This was what was left when Newell got home:


We’re watching Limitless now, because it is one of our favorites. And tomorrow…is another full DVR day. 😉

At least I finished my writing project. 🙂


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Counter Intelligence: Cleaning the Kitchen

Today, we are going to tackle the rest of the kitchen. It’s light duty compared to some of the work that needs to be done around here, but it’s what I feel up to today.

Allergies suck!

Plus, I have vowed to attempt leaving the Diet Dr. Pepper in the grocery store and only drinking it outside the house… Luckily, I found a tasty caffeine substitute, so no withdrawal headache this morning:


Actually quite tasty.

First order of business, empty the trash. Then we tackle this counter:


Okay, I emptied the dish washer first, and refilled it. Can you tell I really don’t want to tackle that counter?

For one thing, I don’t really know what to do with everything. Some of it is easy, of course — the Angry Orchard box is empty and doesn’t need to be kept…especially on the counter. Broken down and in the recycle box!

The collected potato chip  bags are for the birds. I have been saving them, but saving them without actually putting them out for the birds doesn’t do any good.

Chips crunched and spread on the back lawn. Bags put directly into the outside trashcan.

Crackers were also saved for birds, but there are enough crumbs outside now, and they expired years ago. Trash it is!

Several things left on the counter are drink mixes. The cabinet above the counter has several drink mixes, and I thought that was a good place for them at the time. Now, I am not sure, but that isn’t part of what needs to be done today. You have to set specific goals for the day, otherwise, you will keep jumping from job to job and nothing gets finished. For today, I will put the drinks with the others until I decide if I want to move them all.

I had put the tool caddy over on that counter because Newell’s pills were next to the stove. This makes it harder to cook — the few times I do that — so I think I will switch them back. Having the pills on that counter where he gets his tea ready in the morning makes some sense. And storing them neatly in a box means that they can be put away easily if we ever decide to allow people into the house again…

The cleaning makes that a dim possibility. 😉

So, here’s the finished counter:


And the counter beside the stove where the pills lived:


Three counters down. One major counter to go. Today, I think I am done.

Till next week…keep it clean!


EDIT: Ok, after lunch, a little more energy. Decided to keep going a bit. I really did want to get all the counters cleared today.

On Newell’s suggestion, I moved his daily use teapot to the counter in place of the coffeepot I seldom use. When I need coffee, I can just pull it out of the cabinet, and put it back when I am done.

So, the last bastion of counter clutter:


We will get to the stuff on the floor if we still have the energy.

Took the seed block I’d also bought for the birds and put it in the feeder. Now there are a lot of things on the counter that better belong in the pantry. So, off they go.

Starting to see improvement. Pause to put in a load of laundry — sometimes mulit-tasking is inevitable…


I love the Angry Orchard trees — but why keep the empty bottles when a photograph will do? Bottles in the recycling bin.

Still some things to decide about the stuff left on the counter, but it looks SO much better, don’t you think? 🙂


Well, not the photograph, but the tablet is heavy!

Still, the kitchen doesn’t look too bad. Except for the floor, which really needs a mop.

This time, I really am done for the day. Except for the laundry, which is ongoing…

Keep it clean!

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Some days are like this…

You just don’t feel up to large cleaning projects…or much of anything else. So…it is a good thing that I did a couple of extra projects last week that I can talk about today. 😉

As a continuation of the resolution to clear out the old and organize the new, I was determined to take care of the counter top in the master bathroom. Here’s what I started with:


For some reason, the mail-order pharmacy we use just keeps sending pills that often aren’t close to empty before the next batch comes. I don’t know why that is. But it had led to a few completely outdated bottles that I tossed. And then I organized the rest of them…on MY half of the counter, at least…


Managed to keep it this way over a week now. That’s impressive for me. 😉

And then there was the “make-up” drawer:


I last wore make-up in about 2008. So nothing in that drawer that was of that ilk was safe to use, even if I decided to start being America’s Next Top Model tomorrow.

This looks much better:


All the make up tossed. And the drawer put to a more practical use–first aid and the hair dryer.

Still a long way to go in organizing the house, but working hard to keep everything done so far straightened up.

Our subreddit RedditDayOf recently had a “Cleaning Tips” day, and I got some great tips. So, here are a couple that I am passing along to you. 🙂

Clean My Space is a YouTube channel with video hints and tips.

55 Must Read Cleaning Tips and Tricks is a list with links to a lot of good cleaning information.

And UFYH is a tip site with a naughty name, but a lot of good advice. They even have an app for that!

That’s it for today. Sorry to be so slim on the actual content, but at least it is something. 😉




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And Now, We Freeze…

So, as promised last week, we are tackling the freezer side of the problem today. Well, actually, it was Monday that I needed to clear out the freezer to go to the grocery store, so I took some pictures and saved them for you.

Let’s get started.


I actually forgot to take a shot before I started, so this is after I had finished the door.

As you can see, the freezer is a mess. Disorganized, in need of scrubbing, and full of outdated food.

I threw out everything past its expiration date…


And that was only the first bag…

Once everything was cleared out, it was time to scrub things down. We went from this:


To this:


Yes, there is still a bit of gunk around the edges, but getting it that far wasn’t easy.

TIP: Get the gunk wet with the sponge and let it sit for a minute or so. Much easier to wipe out that way.

So, here is the final result:


Before the grocery store, that is. Everything remaining is under the expiration date (and those dates are facing outward for easier visibility.)

I have all my “meat things” on their own shelf, so my vegetarian husband won’t accidentally grab one of them.

And there is room for the vents to work correctly.

Here is the after the grocery store pic:


As you can see, still work to do in the kitchen, but the refrigerator is now clean and full of healthy food.

Here’s hoping we can keep it that way!

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Facing the Fridge…

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to eat healthier and smarter. I was reading in this magazine:


(Because I always read the Clutter Advice, even if I don’t always take it…)

And I found this guide:


I’d never seen this information laid out so clearly before, so I decided to use it as my blueprint to tackling my fridge in advance of filling it with healthier food.

Here was what I found this morning. What a mess, right? Who could find anything in there?



First task, clear a space to sort:


Bonus! Stove top got clean. 🙂

But…turned out, I didn’t really need a sort space, because when I started checking dates, 98% of what was in the fridge went straight into the trash!

It was a disaster.

First bag full:


I have a habit of buying what I think is good for me and then eating out until it goes bad. Not this time!

I thought I had a winner for oldest expiration date:


But it turned out, I was wrong…


Pro Tip: Don’t give people food as a gift unless you know they will actually enjoy it.

I kept meaning to try this Mesquite Bean Jelly, but I never got around to it. So it sat in my fridge for over a decade past its USE BY date unopened. What a waste.

Finally, the refrigerator side is done!


Yeah. That is EVERYTHING that was still good. You can believe I will be keeping a closer eye on dates going forward.

This is criminal:


I was going to tackle the freezer too before a trip to the grocery store, but that plumb wore me out. I think I’ll just buy the perishables today and we’ll save the freezer for next week’s edition.

Till then, Keep it Clean!


Bonus Pic: After a trip to the grocery store. 🙂



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Happy Holiday Project



Those of you who have been following my cleaning blog for a while know that I am a HORRIBLE housekeeper. And it drives my sweet husband insane (though somehow, not enough to step in himself…)

He’s going to be off work for the rest of the year, so I thought I would do something special for him and clean up the spot we use most in the house–aside from our gaming computers.

As you can see–there’s a long way to go. 😉

First up, getting my birthday presents put away. (My birthday was in July…)

In Progress:


Getting better. Still a long way to go. The thing is, Newell likes to sit on the couch and snuggle. Hard to do when there is so much stuff in the way, but I have been using the living room as an office, because the TV is better. I know, I’m a hedonist. Still, now that I have basic cable in the office, I am going to be moving back to the actual office. Making the living room more functional for togetherness. 🙂



Much more inviting, no? Of course, there are still a lot of bags to go through, and things to file/sort/trash, but at least the couch is clear, the remotes are in reach, and there are trays to eat on. 😉

It’s been a real hard push to make sure it was done by the time he gets home for the year.




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Here’s the Deal…


I’ve decided to keep at it, and I have a plan. Having a set day for each blog is working on the other two, so I have added this one to the rotation. I will be blogging on this site every Wednesday.

Going back to the original purpose of this blog: to chronicle the getting of my house into the shape Newell deserves it to be in.

The Submission-a-Day writing goal has made things even worse, but that is almost done, and cleaning will be added onto the daily goals next year. There’s a garage sale on Saturday, so I hope some of the clutter will be leaving on its own. 🙂

I even bought a new de-cluttering magazine yesterday, which I will be reading as soon as possible.

Hmmm…maybe I should be watching more of the DIY channels. I really enjoy make-overs, so maybe I can get some ideas there too.

Today, I haven’t got anything to say about cleaning, except these bits of brainstorming, but I will be better about that in the New Year. It’s one of my goals, and you know how I feel about goals. 😉

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Well, Not as Good as I WANTED…But Better That It Could Be :)

I wanted to do a blog post daily, and have something cool to report. Well, that isn’t quite happening, but I still have a clean bathroom. I still have cleaning happening. And BEST of all…look!

2015-08-02 23.30.45

Can you believe that is the same floor as this?

2015-07-09 13.23.31

Lots of work still to do, but baby steps!

And, I have actually gotten some work done in the Office of Dooooom.

I got my Vanity Shelf straightened up:

2015-07-30 10.59.41

And consolidated things at my signing shelves so that I could put up another set of shelves to hold the Conn-Mann dolls and their furniture and make more room on my desk (pics later, I’m tired…;) ) and my writing references.

2015-07-31 19.08.29

Almost brained myself getting that lifted up there…but it will really make things better.

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Okay, So I Have Been Slacking a Bit

I have had two book galleys to go through in the last few weeks, so I have been a bit behind on the cleaning. Not to say that NOTHING is getting done. The cats’ counter is staying clean–see?


And I have been organizing cabinets more, though I haven’t posted about it:


More work done in the glassware cabinet. Organized the teas and such better.

DSC04209The spice cabinet had a lot of redundancy and stuff we never or rarely use mixed in with the everyday things.

I rearranged things to use the space more efficiently.

Not a really big change, I know, but something.


Plus, the almost daily treatments of the shower floor are beginning to show results.

Off to get my car cleaned out and washed for the Con this weekend, but I wanted to post SOMETHING. 🙂

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