We Are Trying Again

I should be currently writing my NaNoWriMo words for today, but since it is the day I am supposed to post on this blog, and since I actually HAVE been ramping back up on the cleaning, I am posting here instead.

I couldn’t have gotten the motivation to start again without the help of a friend. She really got me moving in the right direction. I’ll share a couple of pictures from Monday’s session. At the beginning of the day…well, part way through:


And this was after we started…that clear space on the corner…wasn’t there when we began.

But when we stopped for the day, we had this:


Not done, but a long way forward.

I did a bit more this morning, and bought cleaning supplies to do more. We have another session scheduled for Friday, and I will be sure to take more pictures. We will keep going, and hopefully this time it will stick.

Thanks, Teresa!

About RieSheridanRose

Rie Sheridan Rose multitasks. A lot. Her short stories appear in numerous anthologies, including Nightmare Stalkers and Dream Walkers Vols. 1 and 2,  and Killing It Softly. She has authored twelve novels, six poetry chapbooks, and lyrics for dozens of songs. She tweets as @RieSheridanRose.
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