I realize I have been ignoring you. Sorry about that on the one hand. On the other, it means that I am actually working a lot, and just can’t bring myself to blog for the heck of it…

Up to 78 submissions now. And, though I’ve gotten some rejections lately, they have been more likely to have suggestions for improvement.

And I got an acceptance to an anthology I really hoped to get into, so that was a lovely surprise. I started reading the email expecting a rejection and it wasn’t. Those are the best!

Tomorrow night is my first time vending at Beer, Brass and BS with my jewelry. I have my fingers crossed it will be a good night. I went and got a collapsible table today at Academy. It’s sort of like this one: RIO Adventure Centerfold Table — surprisingly, I couldn’t find an exact match on Amazon. Of course, I got the first one home, started to set it up, and it had a big hole punched in it. So I got to go back and replace it. Made sure to take the cardboard sleeve off it before I left the store that time!

With a panne velvet cover and my matching display pieces, it SHOULD look sharp. I’ll post pictures tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on how I feel when I get home.

Nothing much else to say tonight. Been a long day. I will whisper words of wisdom at a later date.

About RieSheridanRose

Rie Sheridan Rose multitasks. A lot. Her short stories appear in numerous anthologies, including Nightmare Stalkers and Dream Walkers Vols. 1 and 2,  and Killing It Softly. She has authored twelve novels, six poetry chapbooks, and lyrics for dozens of songs. She tweets as @RieSheridanRose.
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