Leftover Orange Flavored Beef for breakfast…yum!

About to go and entrench myself in the Junk Room with my new shelves and the audio book of The Stand and sort my brains out. 🙂

I really think having the concrete visualization of the shelves will help immensely with the sorting. What tricks do you use to motivate yourselves?

I will be sure to take lots of Before and After shots today. My goal is to have the Reading Nook replace the Junk Room by the end of the week. Think it is doable? That doesn’t mean there might not be a wall of storage in there, but it won’t be a Junk Room any more.

BTW, just curious…how many Organizing/Decluttering Books do you have around YOUR house? I can see 6 from here… Do they ever do you any good? I don’t see my favorite, Clutter’s Last Stand: It’s Time To De-junk Your Life! from my desk…who knows where it has gone…but I have actually read most of it. (I even have the first edition on this one.) These others…may go in the next purge box. 🙂

Enough dilly-dallying. Off to work.

UPDATE ONE:  Back starting to hurt, so I’m taking a break. Feel like a lot was done, so I may or may not go back…I am a bad cleaner… 😉

Much panic earlier as I lost my camera again. (Do they make those locator gizmos for cameras?) But it turned up on the bookcase in the Office.

So…here’s where I started today:


and here was where I stopped:


Hard to see a lot of progress, but bear in mind that the two cardboard boxes full of October Garage Sale (or earlier donation) stuff USED to be full of papers to sort, old photos, etc. and they got emptied along the way. Psycho Kitty seems to be enjoying the emptying floor space…

Now… Here are those Clutter Books I was talking about earlier:

I decided to get rid of all of them — even the one that Newell bought me several years ago…I think it was a hint. But, I thought that someone might get use out of them, so I am offering you guys first shot. If there is a title there that you would like to have, drop me a line at herestheclean@yahoo.com and I will be happy to send it along. First come first serve on titles. 🙂 I will post a list on a separate page, and if one is taken, I will update that list. Or if I find others, I will add them to the list as well.

About RieSheridanRose

Rie Sheridan Rose multitasks. A lot. Her short stories appear in numerous anthologies, including Nightmare Stalkers and Dream Walkers Vols. 1 and 2,  and Killing It Softly. She has authored twelve novels, six poetry chapbooks, and lyrics for dozens of songs. She tweets as @RieSheridanRose.
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4 Responses to 5/9/12

  1. seanatherton says:

    For any How-To book genre, the law of diminishing return applies. For the decluttering genre, it’s kind of self-defeating, isn’t it?

    • Exactly. I’ve always searched for “the perfect book” that would unlock the magic of how-to declutter, and I’ve never found one I like better than Aslett’s book. I’ve actually learned things from his book, so if I FIND it, I’ll keep that one, but most of the others are definitely going bye-bye.

  2. wynwords says:

    I don’t have any de-clutter books… Just am an avid show watcher 😀

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