Day 58 (Month 2 – 27)

Okay. We are going to get back to work today. No more horsing around because the house looks better. It still isn’t done, and I’ve been slacking. That isn’t going to get it finished, is it?

Going to follow the dice today. No matter what they say.

The first roll of the day is 1 1/2 in the “Junk Room” area. I still don’t know what that space is intended to be. A sitting room or study, I think Newell said. I want to clear most of it out and maybe get an exercise bike or treadmill…but that is a long way in the future. First I have to go through all those 10 year old boxes and figure out what needs saving in them.

My shredder is already plugged in, so I can make decisions and not renege on them. I know there is a lot of paper in those boxes. 😉

And there is no TV anywhere close to that “room”, so I can concentrate better.

UPDATE ONE: Satisfying bit of progress, even if it did little to the naked eye. Threw away three bags of trash and a box of little junk. And put most of the boxes I’d been saving into the recycle bin. Better to get new clean ones if I ever need them anyway.

Before I post the pictures of the room, Liz asked to see my dice. Here is a better shot of the current set than I posted when I bought them:

The yellow one is to pick Upstairs area; middle is to pick initial area and for front/back yard or pantry/garage; green is to pick Downstairs area and time limit

Now, as for the Junk Room:


Before  — lots of boxes…                                        After — you can SEE that bookcase now…

Here’s a better shot of what I actually did today. I emptied several boxes that were under that window. And a laundry hamper full of junk. (Look THERE’S the title to my truck…)

As I was sitting down to do this update, I saw in my email the announcement of this great post on keeping the calendar over on Liz’s blog. As I commented over there, it was a really fortuitous timing, because as I was sorting through the Junk Room I found calendars from 1995 and 1996 that I started to toss until I looked at some of the entries and realized that I had marked down some very important occurrences in my life and set them back for further review.

On the other hand, I think I found THREE of those purse-size organizers, all in various states of decay. What is our fascination with calendars? I don’t know how many I buy and NEVER write in…and those little organizers never help me get that way.

I do need to keep a calendar though. My memory is so flaky these days, if I don’t write it down SOMEWHERE, I am sure to lose it…lol.

My next roll is an hour outside in the front yard. Well, I do want to actually do some yard work this year, and it isn’t too cold today. Normally, I re-roll outside lately, but I think I’ll go for it this time.

UPDATE TWO: Only did 30 minutes outside, but that was because I accomplished what I set out to do, and couldn’t think of anything else to do today!

I originally was thinking of planting some bluebonnet seeds I have, but when I checked to see when the optimal time was here, I found out they should be planted in October so they can gestate through the winter.

Then I thought I would see if my neighbor was home so I could get some seeds she offered me, but she was out.

So, the only thing I could really do today was finish transplanting my sage from the middle of the yard to around the porch. I still can’t really tell if the original plants are growing, but they at least don’t look dead. I transferred three of a slightly different variety to the porch, and put two in the corner of the fence. Hopefully, they will grow nice and big.

Phone pictures, so not as good as the camera, but I didn’t want to come inside and get it:


Notice Kindle is NOT on the top rail….                   I guess I could have pulled those weeds….

Still, 30 minutes of planting is not bad.

We are up to 2 hours. Next roll:

Downstairs in the Kitchen for an hour. That will finish my time for today. PRODUCTIVELY  for a change! Three actual hours again.


UPDATE THREE: I washed the remainder of the dishes that had been hanging out on the counter. All caught up on those except for the hummingbird feeder, and I need a special brush to get down into it.

I also went through the pots cabinet and purged a few more for the next TPV pickup. Went through the spices cabinet and threw out a few old or nearly empty things. Consolidated a couple more, and pulled the unopened things and put them back in the pantry.

I tried to sort out the misc. gadget drawer, but it didn’t look much different when I finished. 😉

That was a satisfying day of work. 🙂

Makes me feel like I’ve actually been productive again.

Counter done!



Still full of pots, but I got rid of two colanders, a measuring cup, and a couple of saucepans.



Okay, maybe the kitchen has gotten to the re-roll stage. I’m starting to get silly picky when there are still much less finished rooms to do.



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Rie Sheridan Rose multitasks. A lot. Her short stories appear in numerous anthologies, including Nightmare Stalkers and Dream Walkers Vols. 1 and 2,  and Killing It Softly. She has authored twelve novels, six poetry chapbooks, and lyrics for dozens of songs. She tweets as @RieSheridanRose.
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6 Responses to Day 58 (Month 2 – 27)

  1. Excellent! Could you post an image of your dice? I’m really intrigued 😀

  2. wynwords says:

    If the kitchen is that far, it might need to be moved to the mainetence portion. You’ll have to do some every day… because you eat every day LOL. I’m proud of all your progress! And dreading getting into the boxes of books I need to sort through hehehe. I did sort out all the ones in the house & in the garage. Now must do the shed & the boxes hehehehehe

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